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Just 336 days until Mountain Hounds 2023!Registration opens January 3rd

Vendors are an integral part of our greyhound events – our guests love having you there and we know that you help to make our events more successful. But, due to recent issues between vendors, coordinators, and/or guests, we feel a need to clarify our expectations of vendor behavior and to prevent any misunderstandings going forward.

  1. Vending at an event is a privilege. We expect our vendors to be positive, helpful and respectful.
  2. Attendees have a range of views regarding greyhound racing so we ask vendors NOT to display any Pro or Anti materials at their booths. This applies to brochures and signage.
  3. Each event has its own guidelines regarding refunds and they are given to you well in advance. Please respect them.
  4. The registration form contains a place for you to indicate if there are vendors you wish to avoid or to be near. We automatically try not to place similar vendors next to each other (i.e., two coat vendors or two jewelry vendors). We do attempt to honor every request; however it is not always feasible.
  5. Please be courteous when loading or unloading. Arrive when asked. Help other vendors when you can. Move your car(s), van or trailer to the designated parking area as soon as you are unloaded so as not to block other vendors or guests.
  6. If you can’t keep the designated vending times for any reason, notify your vendor coordinator as quickly as possible.
  7. Please stay within the lines of your designated vending space. If there is an issue, speak with the vendor coordinator.
  8. Please return rented tables/chairs to the location where you are instructed.
  9. If you are angry at someone or have strong feelings on controversial topics (like greyhound racing), please keep your opinions to yourself. Arguing in public in the vending area is not appropriate and ruins the event for everyone. If there is an inappropriate argument in public, you will both be asked to leave the event without a refund of your vending or registration fees.
  10. There is no smoking allowed in the vending area (inside or outside). No exceptions. Local fire marshals have the right to close our vending area if fire safety rules are violated regarding smoking or open flames. If there is a designated smoking area, you will be informed.
  11. Don’t leave valuables unattended at any time in the vending area. Keep valuables locked up or with you. The event promoters or property owners are not responsible for the loss of your valuables left unattended, even if security is provided.
  12. If you plan to bring dogs, check with the vending coordinator as to the best place to have them with you (your space or another location). Use common sense. If your dog barks incessantly or doesn’t like other dogs, then having them with you in the vending area may not be your best option. Please think of others.
  13. If you plan to bring younger children with you, be sure to bring things to keep them occupied and make sure they are supervised at all times.
  14. If you did not accept a liability waiver as part of your registration we will expect you to sign one absolving the property owner and the event promoters from responsibility for falls, losses, injuries, or other perceived damages while you are vending.
  15. If you have special needs or concerns about an event, discuss them with the vendor coordinator before the event so that arrangements can be made for you or that a problem can be solved before things get hectic.
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