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Just 243 days until Mountain Hounds 2023!Registration opens January 3rd

In order for Mountain Hounds to be a successful event, we have a few rules for all to observe and follow.  We are welcome in Gatlinburg and the Sidney James because we continue to demonstrate how well-mannered our Greyhounds are and how responsible we are as dog owners.  Please refrain from doing anything that would leave a negative impression or shed a bad light on the very reason of why we gather in large numbers – the Greyhounds.

The Rules for Hounds and Humans
Clean up the Poop

Even if it wasn’t your dog, please be nice enough to clean up any poop you find. It just takes one stray pile to leave a negative impression about our gathering.  Poo Bags have been provided in your Welcome Bags; please use them or ask a volunteer for one.  Bags are also available in designated pet areas.

Wash Down the Walls

Bring a bottle of water to wash away urine on buildings, sidewalk, tables, chairs, and planters.  Dogs love to mark their territory, but if we keep the areas clean we keep down the odor, number of markings, and mess. With limited grassy areas this is especially important.

Bring Tags and Vaccination Records

Have tags on your dogs and bring a copy of vaccination records just in case.

Leash Laws are Enforced

All dogs must be kept on a leash to comply with State, County, and Local laws and ordinances.

Use Muzzles if Needed

Please have a muzzle for each of your dogs with you; muzzles are a safety tool but must be used properly. They do not have to be worn at all times, but we do require that you have them just in case they are needed.  Note:  Muzzles must be worn on the ball field at all times.

Respect The Red Bandana/Yellow Ribbon

If your hound is uncomfortable in crowds or does not get along well with others, they should wear a RED BANDANA or YELLOW RIBBON so others can give the dog the space it requires.

Small Dogs Welcome

All breeds are welcome including small breeds, but we must insist that all dogs follow all the rules regarding collars and leashes. Just because some Greyhounds are small animal friendly does not mean that all Greyhounds are. Small dog owners please be aware of your dog at all times.

Be Courteous to Others

Mountain Hounds is intended to foster a loving and fun environment for Greyhounds and their humans to come together and enjoy a weekend. Please respect other beliefs and opinions.

For Your Safety

Mountain Hounds activities are taking place next to and within the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest. This forest is home to wild animals that may potentially pose a risk to you, your Greyhounds, and your family.

In years past, we have seen bears around the park and hotel grounds. In the event that you should come across a wild animal such as a bear or deer, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not approach the animal!
  • Do not feed the animal.
  • Do not run away; instead back slowly away keeping your eyes on the bear.
  • Maintain a firm grip on you dog’s leash.
Past Bear Sightings
A Message from the National Parks Service

Pets are allowed in campgrounds, picnic areas, parking areas, and along roads, but must be kept on a leash at all times. The leash must not exceed 6 feet in length. Pets are only allowed on two short walking paths – the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail. Pets are not allowed on any other park trails.

Whether it is plants, rocks, or animals, please leave it here!  Whatever you find in the park is protected for the enjoyment of future generations. Rocks might be a nice keepsake, but they too serve a function here.  All plants, including the ferns and mosses, are also protected.

Most everyone will realize that animals are protected here, and poaching is prohibited. You might not know that feeding the animals is also prohibited to protect not only the hand that is feeding them, but the animals’ well-being as well.  All wildlife is protected here.  Fishing is permitted.  However, there are very stringent fishing regulations, and you should check on them if you intend to fish.

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