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Just 243 days until Mountain Hounds 2023!Registration opens January 3rd

Download a printable PDF checklist of these handy items to keep you and your hound(s) happy and safe all weekend!

For Hounds
  • Vaccination Records. Local laws require that your dogs be vaccinated. Have your records with you should they be needed.
  • Collars. Time to show off those collars or harnesses. Be sure to tighten up and inspect your collars so the dogs will remain safe.
  • Leashes. Gatlinburg and the state of Tennessee have leash laws. All dogs must be on a leash at all times. Keep an extra leash in your car just in case.
  • Tags. Have ID and vaccination tags on your dogs at all times. If your pet’s ID does not have your cell phone number on it get a new one or write it on a piece of tape. This way you can always be reached.
  • Muzzles. Bring a muzzle for each of your dogs. They are required for the ball field.
  • Red Bandana. If your hound is uncomfortable in crowds or does not get along well with others, they should wear a RED BANDANA so others will know to inquire prior to approaching (note: we will have some available for purchase in the Roobucks Store).
  • Raincoat. It may rain, so please be prepared.
  • Old Towels. These come in handy for wiping off dirty paws or cooling off your dog should it be hot.
  • Sheet or Blanket. Use to cover the hotel bed and protect the sheets.
  • Beds. Greyhounds love to be comfortable. Bring your beds or blankets to the park and to seminars too!
  • Toys. A must have if your dogs love to play (better a chewed up toy than the hotel pillows).
  • Food and Water Bowls. It is better than trying to use the hotel ice buckets.
  • Dog Food. Be sure to bring extra in case of emergencies.
  • Water. Some dogs do not react well to water from other areas. To prevent tummy upset, bring water from home or bottled watter.
  • Treats. These are a required greyhound essential.
  • Blanket. Have a blanket or something else for your dogs to lie down on at the park.
  • Squawker. Extremely useful for retrieving loose greyhounds.
  • Poopy Bags. Even if your dog didn’t put it down, please pick it up and see that it gets disposed of in a trashcan. Thank you for your help in keeping the hotel and park clean!
  • Spray Bottle. Comes in handy for wetting down areas that have had a leg lifted to them. A solution of bleach and water will reduce odor, smell and help disburse any liquid. Oxyclean works well on fabrics that bleach may not be appropriate for.
  • X-pen or Crate. Some dogs feel safer when in a crate or portable wire pen. These can also be used at the park.
  • Portable Baby Gate. Comes in handy to keep dogs separated, enjoying the breeze on a balcony while keeping the dogs away from the edge, and helps keep dogs away from exit doors if the room is configured nicely. If the hotel door opens to the outside a baby gate is a good way to block the door just in case your dog is a Houdini.
  • Medications. Be sure to pack any medications your dog may need, and treat them against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. We will be outdoors near wooded areas.
  • Pet First Aid Kit.
    • Vet wrap or Ace bandage
    • Scissors and tape
    • 4×4-dressing packs
    • EMT Gel or Lidocaine topical solution 2%, (acts as anesthetic on the scrapes and cuts)
    • Ice/heat pad
    • Aspirin (81 mg is the recommended dosage for greyhounds of average size)
    • Pepto-Bismol or Imodium with pet syringe to administer
    • Ipecac syrup or Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting
    • Oxyfresh Stress Release Plus or Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy; takes the edge off of anxiety
For Humans
  • Flashlight. Invaluable for those late night walks – you know where your feet go, and can find what you need to pick up.
  • Raincoats or Umbrella. In case it rains.
  • Sun Glasses and Sunscreen. We will be outdoors most of the day on Friday and Saturday, please remember to protect yourself and your dog from the sun.
  • Insect Repellent. Hot, humid weather means mosquitoes.
  • Spare Set of Car Keys. You don’t want to lock yourself out or your dogs in. It has happened before and it took over an hour for assistance to arrive to open the vehicle. If the weather is hot, this could be deadly to your dog. Pack an extra set of car keys and your house keys in your bag.
  • Folding Chairs or Blanket. These are nice to have at the park.
  • Medications. Be sure to pack any medications you might need including aspirin, allergy tabs, inhalers, and prescriptions.
  • Cell Phone and Charger. Good for all sorts of reasons and emergencies.
  • Camera. To capture all those memorable moments.
  • Address Labels. Bring those little address labels you get in the mail to place on the back of your raffle tickets.
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