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Just 243 days until Mountain Hounds 2023!Registration opens January 3rd

When you look into the eyes of a senior Greyhound there is so much love reflected back. They ask so little of us: a warm bed, a kiss, a scratch behind the ear. All they want is to enjoy life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. It is the simple things that make them happy. Their face may be grey and they may be unsteady on their feet but in their minds they are as fast as they ever were. You can see it in their eyes as they walk around the back yard.

At Mountain Hounds we want to recognize the Greyhounds that have reached 10 years old or more. We will be giving each attendee a special gift to commemorate their Mountain Hounds visit. After you check-in at the main Registration Table, visit the Senior Table to pick up our gift to your senior.

Each year, we crown the oldest greyhounds in attendance as the King and Queen and hold a special senior photo session. Pictures will be taken and added to the Mountain Hounds online photo album after the event.

If you will be bringing a senior with you to Mountain Hounds make sure you include their name and date of birth on the registration form. We want to make sure we honor them for all they have given us.

Mountain Hounds Royalty
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