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Just 247 days until Mountain Hounds 2024!Registration opens January 15th
What Else Can We Say but Thank You!

Thank you to the Attendees that come to the event and support us and our greyhound mission! We appreciate everyone who gave us a chance that first year. We didn’t know what to expect, but the 212 people and 234 dogs who joined us in Gatlinburg made us want to do it again the next year.  So we did. Thank you Attendees for coming back again and again.

Thank you to the Vendors who bring us such awesome greyhound stuff to buy! Thank you for getting up so early in the morning, even before your coffee to set up your tables. We appreciate that you trust us enough to come to our event.

Thank you to the town of Gatlinburg and our local partners! You welcome us to your town and your heart. You have invited us into your shops with a smile. Thank you for giving us wholesale prices even though our purchases are small. Thank you for giving us discount tickets for raffles and goodies for our silent auction. We hope we make a good impression and leave you with a smile.

Thank you to our event sponsors! You print our event booklets. You donate collars, coats, toys and cash. Each service and item helps the bottom line and the bottom line is what goes to greyhound adoption.

And thank you to the Volunteers! Core Team volunteers and those that help at the event. We appreciate the time you take prior to the event organizing and soliciting all in the name of greyhounds. We appreciate you spending your coveted vacation time sweating it out at Mountain Hounds.

Without all of you the event would not be the success that it has been. We look forward to continuing this greyt relationship!

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