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Just 184 days until Mountain Hounds 2022!Registration opens January 4th

This activity is TBD for 2021. The Mountain Hounds Hustle is one of the highlights of the event. It is a chance for Greyhound parents to see their dogs run at full tilt and have their speed measured with a radar gun. Each dog is presented with a “speeding citation” showing their dog’s name and the speed clocked. Dogs of all breeds and ages may participate.

  • Please line up along the ballfield fence to enter the staging area
  • Clipboards and pens will be available for you to fill out your hound’s name and age on their speeding citation
  • Keep the citations with you as your dog runs so you can record the measured speed as your greyhound exits the lane
  • Please allow everyone to run their dogs at least once before rejoining the line
  • Only one dog may run at a time
  • During the hustle, NO dogs are allowed to run free in the ballfield
Mountain Hounds Hustle Gallery
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